Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday - Fighting Boredom

Summer is approaching and even more than the heat and humidity I dread the Boredom. I've always subscribed to the thought that only boring people get bored. There's always something to just might have to put a bit of effort into finding it. Maybe it's more accurate to say, only boring people stay bored. And seriously, worse than the boredom is it's affect on kids...trouble. It's when kids are bored that they come up with their most dangerous, most dirty, and most destructive ideas. So here's one little trick that I have up my mommy sleeve to keep my kids entertained.

For all of you born after...oh let's say, 1978...this is a casserole warmer or a hot plate. Mine has never seen a potluck but my kids use it ALL the time.

Coloring becomes 10 times the fun when you use a hot plate! Coloring even becomes fun for boys when you use a hot plate! All you need to do is plug the hot plate in and wait a minute for it to get warm. Next, cover it with paper. Use peeled crayons to draw on your paper and watch them melt as you color. The crayon will just melt away as you use it.

You can find abandoned and forgotten hot plates at your local thrift store and feel good about repurposing something old. Now, being a mother, I feel the need to point out that the item is called a HOT plate. I've met a few hot plates in my day and they run at different temps. Be sure to test yours before you use it to see just how hot it gets.

You can find more cures for summertime boredom over at We Are That Family.


Sandy said...

totally awesome post!

Emily said...

Great idea! When we were kids, we would take all the crayon shavings and put them between sheets of wax paper, then iron them .. then you could leave as is or cut shapes out of it. I loved doing that as a kid... and it still sounds fun! Ü

The Activity Mom said...

great idea!

Eos Mom said...

What a fun idea!