Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There Should Be A Warning Label

There should be a warning label on every mother out there! I was with a group of fabulous bloggers last night and, after we wrapped up talking about the business of blogging, our conversation trailed on to topics of child birth and child rearing...a danger when you hang out with more than one mother at a time.

It struck me then, as it's struck me before, that mother's should walk around with warning labels. We are liable to talk about poop, pee, diapers, child birthing stories, vomit, bodily fluids, the ridiculous things our kids say, and well anything and EVERYTHING else is fair game. We have NO sense of modesty. No, we lost that during childbirth. Therefore, we are willing to discuss the most delicate of subjects brassy, loud, and unabashedly at any given moment.

On behalf of all mother's everywhere, I apologize for what may come out of our mouths. There...consider yourself warned.


Kelli said...

LOL, so true!! However, as mothers we tend to completely overlook the talk and are never offended! Now, if someone else, let's say a guy were to talk about the same things, just about different people other than children, well that's a whole nother ball game and we are completely offended =) Thanks for sharing, I got a good laugh!! Glad you had a good time, that's so important as a Mommy too =)

melody rose said...

There are warning labels, they are just subtle. Here's a list:

-crazy, sleep-deprived look
-stretch marks
-diapers in purses
-calling someone by their full name
-knowing more about Dora the Explorer than American Idol

and...drumroll please...driving a mini-van!