Monday, June 7, 2010

Birthday un-Cake Ideas

We celebrated our ,now, 3 year old's birthday with our extended family. She has recently discovered that she has a sense of humor. She thought it was knee slapping funny to tell people that her birthday was May 22 instead of the acutal date, May 21. Most people didn't get the joke but it gave me an idea of what to make for her cake...or rather birthday dessert.

For the adults...fruit pizza. She thought that it was a great joke.

Press your favorite sugar cookie dough into a pizza pan. Bake. Frost (I used a cream chese frosting). Cover with fruit.

For the cream cone cupcakes

Place your cones into a mini muffin tin. Fill your cones about 3/4 full with cake batter (true conffesions...I use a box). Bake. Frost and add sprinkles.

It was a perfect solution for a mommy who didn't want to slave over a cake, and a little girl with a budding sense of humor.

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Kelli said...

Super cute ideas!!! I have had the fruit pizza before, yummy! Those ice cream cone cupcakes are really cute! I might have to try them soon!!