Monday, April 26, 2010


We have a boulder wall in our back yard. When we first moved into our house our back yard was one perpetual slope. At that time, our kids were little enough that they would begin running, their legs turning like windmills, and unable to stop, they would eventually fall to the ground and continue rolling for a yard or two. It was slightly alarming but mostly hysterically funny to watch.

Last year, with the plan and vision from my dad, we worked to flatten our backyard. We installed one bolder wall that snakes through the yard creating 2 tiers. And where I see beauty and a place for my kids to play, our 6 year old son sees adventure.

The kids have always known that they are not allowed to climb up the wall but apparently, no one said anything about jumping off of it. I started to suspect as much when my son began complaining about pain in his feet. My suspicions were confirmed one day while I was doing dishes. Looking out the window, I saw a streak of blond hair go by, pause mid-air, and Geronimo...he was gone. I had to snicker at that one...boys will be boys after all. What is it about boys that makes them so daring? It's as if they come out of the womb looking for a challenge!

I could ignore the jumping. After all, I kind of enjoy it that my son is tough, brave, and dirty. He's all boy and I love that. But then I saw him walking his bike from the front yard to the backyard with a certain spark in his eye. We mothers can spot that look a mile away. We aren't boys....we never were...and yet, we know the look. All I had to do was crack the back door from our sun room and give him the look. He sputtered on about how he wouldn't get hurt and he would buy a new bike if this one broke In the end, I didn't let him try it. I know though...I'm not fooled. He's going to try it. He's going to wait for an opportunity when I'm not looking. My monologue about making wise choices had little to no affect on this idea. Sometimes one has to learn F=ma in a more practical setting.

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Natasha said...

Wait until he discovers PV=nrT