Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Day Down the Drain

We spent our entire day outside today. We ate and played outside and against better judgement, I let the kids off of the hook for naps. you can't nap on a day like this. It's been a strange and blissful spring. Headlining the season, are 70 - 80 degree days with blue skies and a slight breeze. It's this kind of weather that makes you walk around with an urgency to soak up every stray ray of sun. We know that another snowstorm is just around the corner. We are not fooled.

My husband came home to sand coated floors and pancakes for dinner. He understood. I couldn't break for mundane tasks like cooking. I was busy playing. My husband understands that today was a success. While the world measures productivity in paychecks, number of sales made, and hours punched in and out, a parent measures a bit differently. I know we've had a great day when my kids are pulled out from the bath, wrapped in towels and tucked into bed...I head back to the bathroom and pull the plug from the drain. The water could best be described as murky and left behind is the sandy residue of our day. This is the measure of our day. The sand and dirt make me smile and dream of dirty tomorrows.

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