Monday, July 12, 2010

Manic Monday

Today was manic Monday here at the Bruinings...A.K.A. Mommy gets too many ideas, makes too long of a list, and then actually attempts to complete the list.

We started out by digging up hosta, cat mint, and creeping thyme at my sisters...oh, wait no, that was after we delivered 2 yards of wood chips to her. Then, we all descended upon my mother, who kindly served us lunch (I always forget that children like to eat), and added in more perennials onto our load. I tucked my 3 year old in for a nap and worked a good 2 hours with my son splitting, planting, and mulching. Man, can that boy work! Then I got and idea to build a teepee out of 15 foot trees that my sister and I had cut down last Saturday....

It all looks awesome but throw baseball practice in and it was a bit over the top. Tomorrow will be Pay For It Tuesday and I'll try to put up a post on the teepee because, it is wicked awesome!

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