Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beach Day

Today we went to the beach. It was perfect, with little puffed clouds in the sky, clear blue water, and white sand beaches. I sat in my beach chair watching my kids play in the waves. We ate a picnic lunch and played more. I turned to my sister and wondered aloud, "Why don't I come here with the kids more?!"

Then, 4 hours later, we packed up sand coated toys, scrounged around to find sandles, loaded the pack mule...oh, wait no, that was me, and made our way back up the sand dune. Half way up, I started to worry about my kids feet becasue of the hot sand...I could barely stand it. We made our way through the parking lot to our car, which when we opened the car door felt like the gateway to hell heat wise. We drove home with kids arguing about who was touching whom. At that point, I turned again to my sister and said, "Oh, now I remember why we don't do this more often." I may need a reminder come February...

Still, my kids experienced the beach. They played in the sand and the water the whole day and made fast friends with other kids at the beach with their families. It's one day tucked away in their memory and nothing makes me happier than giving them that!

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Laurie said...

LOL at "gateway to hell" line. Love the beach & my kids at it too!