Friday, July 16, 2010

Bon Voyage Top 10

I leave tomorrow for a week long vacation with my mom and my sister. I've been away from both of my kids for only 1 night...a month ago. I am a stew of emotions right now! I can't wait to go....hello, but I'm going to miss my hubby and kids like crazy.

Top 10 Things I'm Most Excited About (and reversely will miss the most!)

10. I can potty alone. For 1 week I will not live in fear that one of the kids is going to open the stall door from the inside prematurely, announce what I am doing to the bathroom masses, or touch something.

9. No preparing meals and snacks. I only need worry about my tummy and taste buds. I also only have to cut my own food and I'm pretty sure I won't have to force anyone to eat their vegetables.

8. I can get ready in the morning. I could do full hair and make-up...uninterrupted. I just sit back and laugh when I think of how long I took on my appearance before I had kids. Now, I'm ready (shower included) 10 minutes flat.

7. I can sit poolside and not watch anyone! When we swim I'm constantly scanning the pool area. Oh, to sit and relax with no mommy radar on!

6. I already made about 8 frozen meals for the fam...and now, I'm off the hook! No grocery shopping. No preparing. No cooking. AND, best of all (Seeing that I have no dishwasher), No dishes!

5. A break from being the shoe monitor. Everyone I'm traveling with keeps their shoes on...genius! They know how to put their own shoes on and tie them and they will most likely know where they put them.

4. I'd like to say that I'll have less spills to clean up but I'm a klutz and I spill as much as my kids so, yeah....

3. As I gaze on the statue of David, no one will say, "I have to go potty". I will also not have to remind anyone to go potty or frantically search for a public bathroom.

2. Do you ever just want to run an errand of go for a walk and you realize that you can't because you have a child sleeping? I'm really looking forward to just coming and going from my room as I please anytime of the day or night! I might just leave at 2 A.M. for something random and unnecessary because I can.

1. I will be called Jennifer more than I'm called Mommy!


Sandy said...

Love it. Have tons of fun, take tons of pictures! I'm totally jealous, but really happy for you at the same time! Is that considered an internal oxymoron?

Fruitful Vine2 said...

Sounds fabulous. I will be able to do that one of these days. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Josh said...

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