Friday, November 26, 2010

EZ Sox Review and GIVEAWAY!

This gieveaway is now closed !
Socks are always a headache at our house. First of all, I'm about to start gluing them to my 3 year old'ss feet. It seems that every time I turn around she's sock less and just when I was starting to wonder where they all were....I found then in the oven of her toy kitchen.
Thankfully, there is one pair that she will wear ALL day and even better...she can put them on herself! The makers of EZ Sox sent me a pair of their adorable bunny socks for her to try. I was telling my sister-in-law about them at Thanksgiving...
EZ SOX are fun learning socks for children and a helpful teaching tool for parents. It helps build the confidence that pre-schoolers need as they learn to dress themselves.
When I asked her to put them on,she fought me for a second because after all, up until this point she hasn't been able to do it herself without a ton of frustration. With a little encouragement she slipped them right on using their handy loop handles. The face on the socks helps kids figure out which side is up...genius but I'm sure what the makers didn't count on was the fact that my child will wear little bunny face socks ALL day long....hooray! They also have non-skid bottoms which definitely protect her from falls on are hard wood floors. I'm planning on buying a pair of EZ SOx Cat socks for her Christmas stocking!

Here's your chance to wind a pair! Visit the EZ sox website and let me know which pair you'd like to win in a comment below...that's it! EZ to put on....EZ to win! I will announce 2 contest winners on Dec. 1!


MomOnTheEdge said...

My girls would LOVE (AKA -fight over) the lady bugs or the frogs. Too cute!

Olivia said...

They are all cute, but I like the Dog best for my boys!

Unknown said...

I was so tempted to say "I don't care which pair my granddaughter would like....I love the dog ones!".

But that wouldn't be a nice grandmotherly thing to say!! So I asked her, and she said "The doggie ones". Yay!! Maybe she will let me borrow them some time.

cafeaumommy said...

I think my little boy would love the T-rex!

Katrina said...

love the purple kitties!

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