Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dog Day Radomisms

Hello August. What have you done with June and July?

Remember back when I posted our paper chain count down of summer? It was even color coded so my kids could visually see when our vacations were. Well, it's all blue from here on out which means we have no vacations plans. And even with the summer bucket list I'm struggling to find something exciting enough to keep them out of trouble.

On top of that, I'm a little overwhelmed about all the back to school ads. I think our local grocery store started putting out their back to school stuff on July 5. That's ridiculous! Don't rush me people...I still have one more month with my baby before he starts going to school full time!

With August here I also have this need to soak up as much sun as I possibly can. Today, we're hitting the pool and tomorrow we're heading off to the beach. I need to store as much Vitamin D as I can in preparation for February when here, in west Michigan, we don't see the sun...ever.

Today marks my first friend taxi too. I have awesome friends. I'm looking forward to leaving the house and I'm starting to realize how home bound my life is going to be. Every few seconds I think, "Oh, I'll just run and get..oh, that's right. I don't drive." It's a bit frustrating but I'm choosing to be thankful for the things I can do. I have 2 healthy legs to walk and bike with (okay, they're a bit out of shape but they still work). I have much more to be thankful for but for today these things rang at the top of the list...awesome friends and 2 legs.

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Jen@BigBinder said...

I'm really excited that August is here. We have been so crazy busy so far, and I'm happy to be putzing around town, playing on the slip & slide, and staying in jammies waaaay to late in the day.
Don't let the marketers freak you out. Still plenty of time to get your summer on :)