Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clogged Memory

Sometimes I get frustrated with my memory...faulty memory that is. I can't recall the year the civil war started, the capital of Ghana, the names of the constellations, the author of Catcher and the Rye,... It's all gone. I knew it at some point but since becoming a mother my memory has become clogged.

Instead I can...

10. Tell you the best price of diapers per unit.

9. Recite Good Night Moon.

8. Make 5 varieties of paper airplanes.

7. Recite the full script from Dora's Pirate Adventure.

6. Sing the full soundtrack to the movie Potty Power.

5. Make Kraft macaroni and cheese without reading the directions.

4. Know the meaning behind every cry, moan, whine my kids make.

3. Know the exact level of quiet that is too quiet.

2. Track a time out without a timer within 10 sec.

1. Locate every park, family friendly restaurant, and potty with a 25 mile radius.

1 comment:

Country Gal said...

Love it! I think you have reached expert status! :)