Thursday, March 11, 2010

Streching the Schedule

I'm not as flexible as I thought I was. Keep in mind that I'm strictly referring to mental flexibility. I'm fully aware at the end of every session with Jillian that while I feel "shredded" I can still only reach my ankles...Okay, mid-calf.

My kids are gifted and talented when it comes to finding the least unopportune time to become sick. They seize the opportunity and lick some piece of public property, ingesting all sorts of bio-hazards, bacteria, and such. Just as the virus builds in strength my schedule bends and stretches until it finally breaks and I'm left there mourning over the pieces. I need to learn to hold onto my plans much more loosely. I need to become less hurried.

It's the days when I am stranded at home with a child who is snotty nosed and running a fever, that I find the schedule taking a back seat to snuggling, cuddling, and rocking. Of course, it does help to have a child who is sickly and actually willing to idle their internal motor.

When I am too hurried I don't notice the length of my daughter's eye lashes or the new pitch of her giggle. I miss out on my son's tall tales and his developing sense of humor.

I was reminded recently that every time I say "yes" to one opportunity I say "no" to a hundred others. I'm taking the time to slow down. I'm putting the schedule in it's place. I'm giving my family my first fruits rather than my leftovers.


Sandy Hop said...

Very well said! Jennifer, you have a great way with words!!!

Laurie said...

I actually gave myself a time out on Friday a.m. No rushing to the gym or putting Zach in childcare. We stayed in our jammies all morning and played games. It was great!