Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Moment of Sanity

How is it that when you become a mom things that seemed irrational and cray become a part of your everyday life. For example, I am willing to do nearly anything in order to keep my kids entertained during the most mundane tasks. I have been known to break out into song while at our local grocery store. I have actually sang the full sound track to the movie, Potty Power. More shocking, I would do it all over again just to get a full cart of groceries and a smile from my audience. Yesterday, I sat for a highlight while playing humpty dumpty for nearly a full half hour. I'm sure my hair stylist was thrilled. Even now, my daughter is pulling my hoodie down over my eyes while demanding, "Do that button!" and yet this is life folks. This is as good and as bad as it gets. It's not's motherhood!


IngridAR said...

Yea for your first blog. I chose the same background for my blog! We're so much alike :) I already warned Sam that we'd be singing Potty Power for Lena. You might have to play him the video tomorrow night so he can learn the soundtrack!

Laurie said...

Welcome to blogsville. You look glamorous parenting in blue jeans because of the love and grace you show your kids and friends.

Blessings to your blog Jen.

Sandy Hop said...

Love it! Welcome to bloggy land! Can't wait to read more.