Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where do sweaters come from?

Today I went with a group of friends to a live nativity. My daughter was in heaven petting the kitties, bunnies, and holding little baby chicks. I grew up with a barn of horses, chickens, bunnies, dogs, and cats but we currently have no pets. We had a few fish who lived for a few years and then we had a hamster which caused way too much grief with it's untimely passing.

Anyway,...it was eye opening to watch my daughter today with the animals. She really was out of her element. This became obvious when I tried to explain that the sheep's coat was cut with clippers, washed, spun, and made into sweaters...I was trying to bring it home for her. This is the point where she turned to me, horrified, and said, "I don't want to wear sweaters!" I just about died laughing right there.

I got my laughter in check and tried to continue her barn education explaining that it doesn't hurt the sheep but I had lost her attention by then. When we got home I picked up the conversation but was told, "I just want sweaters from Target." I was never a fully fledged country girl but I definitely have a city girl on my hands. I'm still dreading the conversation of where babies come from but who knew explaining where sweaters come from could be so hard!

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Kate 'n Ben said...

My kid (5 yrs) has already asked the baby question. Ugh! And it's always some random time when we're driving or something.

Have you seen the Pixar Shorts DVD? It has a little film in there about a sheep that gets sheered and how he learns to embrace it every year. It's cute and might help. :)