Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Never Quite Prepared

I'm not a girl scout and I never was one...or is it the boy scouts that are always prepared?

Either way, I never seem quite prepared enough. I went to the post office today to renew my passport. I thought I could renew it on-line but it turns out that since I've changed my name since the last time I traveled outside of the county, it's a little more complicated than that. I took the time to gather my birth certificate, my checkbook, my old passport, my driver's licence, and even my marriage license. I packed books, 2 matchbox cars, and sweets to bribe my 2 kiddos with but I still could've been more prepared.

My kids spent the time that it took for me to have my photo taken and fill out the proper paperwork, ...on the floor...of the post office...rolling on the matted rugs...pretending to be dogs.

Upon leaving, a stranger says, "cute kids". I smile, look at my kids and say, "To the bathtub!" in my best Batman, to the bat mobile, voice.

Some days are like that.

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Jennifer T. said...

Amen!! I've enjoyed my peek at your blog just now. You have a gift for writing and humor and your family sounds very blessed to have you as their mommy. :)